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In the summer, the weather will be very hot, and with the cold air coming, accompanied by strong convective weather, there will be extreme weather such as thunderstorms and hail. At this time, the solar pv plant user is particularly worried about whether the solar pv plant will be seriously affected.

solar PV plant

In response to thunderstorms and windy weather, the design and installation of a solar pv plant cannot be ignored.

The impact of thunderstorms on the solar pv plant is generally reflected in the fact that PV modules are overwhelmed by strong winds, and high winds blow up solar pv plant. Many people think that the first reaction is that the quality of the solar pv plant is not good. The quality problem of the solar pv plant is indeed one of the important factors. However, there are two other factors that are important and often overlooked. In fact, it is the design and installation of solar pv plant.

First, the design of the solar pv plant.

The installation of a solar pv plant is like building a house, and it needs to be designed first. According to the owner's roof, whether there is no shelter around the house, the length of the local sun, etc., at the same time, it must be considered the data of the strong winds in the past 50 years, lightning protection devices also need to be included. The photovoltaic power station designed in this way is the most suitable for the actual situation of the local owners, and it is also able to resist the thunderstorms. Some integrators may not have designed at all, just simply measure the roof of the owner and set the installation capacity and installation angle.

solar PV plant

The second is the installation of a solar pv plant.

The installation of a solar pv plant is also a place that cannot be ignored! Installation must be strictly in accordance with the design, and be meticulous! Screws must be tightened! The pressure block must be used with the matching, the side pressure is used for the side pressure, the medium pressure is the medium pressure, do not mix! Also, don't use other types of clamps! Mixed use is risky! Small details determine big success or failure! These small problems are fatal when it encounters strong winds!

Respond to hail, the quality of PV modules is the key

solar PV plant

It is true that the glass on the surface of the PV module is tempered glass. Moreover, as long as the photovoltaic modules produced by regular manufacturers are subjected to a series of tests such as hail before leaving the factory.

The hail test is based on the use of 25mm diameter steel balls to impact the PV modules at 23m/s. Some demanding companies may use nearly 2 times the IEC standard (30.7 m/s) to test with more stringent energy than the standard.

In addition, there are a series of tests such as mechanical load, thermal cycle, damp heat, and wet freezing.

Therefore, when buying solar pv plant, don't be cheap! Be sure to choose a photovoltaic power station with a well-known big brand! solar pv plant of well-known big brands( Like Tanfon solar ), at least before the factory, the quality of the products is guaranteed!

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