Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
Top 10 solar project solution factory in china

Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. takes innovation as the core, grasps the leading photovoltaic power generation technology, and joins the advanc...

Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
For the production, we have the professional production lines(Automatic series welding machine, EL test machine, Automatic frame machine, Special debug machine). Each ste...
  • 80kw solar power equipment for Konza Building in Kenya
  • Solar power system Production Lines
  • Solar power system Production Lines
  • Solar power system Production Lines
  • Solar power system Production Lines
  • Solar power system Production Lines
Each step of production is under strict quality control. Our products are qualified with CE, ROHS, ISO certification.
Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
We have been to many countries (like Egypt, Bangladesh, Chad, Nigeria, Ghana, Doha, East Timor state, Pakistan, etc.) for installation service as well as win good feedback from the customers.
15KW Solar Power System For Farm In St.Vincent And The Grenadines
15KW Solar Power System For Farm In St.Vincent And The Grenadines
June 11, 2021 / Foshan Tanfon
St.Vincent And The Grenadines

The economy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is dominated by agriculture, with banana as its main cash crop. Our client is from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He has a farm that specializes in growing bananas. At the same time, he has a worry that has been accompanied by his farm, that is, the problem of electricity.

Because it is an island country and the government power grid is often unstable, he has purchased a diesel generator locally, but the diesel generator is noisy, especially on quiet farms.

In addition, he needs to buy expensive oil every month for maintenance. Whenever this time, he will look up at the sky and look at the big sun. He suddenly thought that the sun has every day and is free.

Maybe can through sun to generate electricity? Then he search on Google for how to use the sun to generate electricity?

Later, it was found that the product that can use the sun to generate electricity is called off grid solar power system, which uses the solar heat energy to convert into electric energy, without high maintenance costs, and is a green and quiet power generation product.

Through the website, he found several suppliers specializing in off grid solar power system. After communication and comparison, customers think that Tanfon solar is more experienced, professional and better in product quality.

According to the customer's farm load and usage, we specially designed a 15kva solar power system which conforms to his actual use. Considering the installation, we designed accessories are fully enough for the customer to use. We provide the corresponding installation manual to the customers, so that the customers can receive our products and understand how to install the solar system.

For more installation steps, you can click here for more information or contact our team directly

Now the customer successfully received the goods, and completed the installation of 15kva solar power system according to the installation manual provided by us.

If you are troubled by unstable electricity supply, high electricity charge or high maintenance cost of diesel generator, please contact our team and we will provide the most suitable solution for you.

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15KW solar diesel hybrid system for farm use in New Zealand
15KW solar diesel hybrid system for farm use in New Zealand
June 10, 2021 / Foshan Tanfon
New Zealand

Location:New Zealand

Usage:Farm use

We received an inquiry about solar diesel hybrid system from a customer in New Zealand on the company's website. After understanding, we learned that the customer has a local farm where he can walk and ride in the farmland and forest. There are also beautiful beaches nearby.but there is no local electricity, and diesel generators are currently being used. He wants to install solar systems with diesel generator as backup power.This is no problem. Our off grid solar system can be connected with diesel generator, which can give you an emergency backup power supply.When solar system without power, it will automatically turn to the generator to ensure that you have power all the time. According to his needs and budget, we matched his 15KW solar and diesel generator hybrid system.

Now, the 15 kilowatt solar system is being installed on his farm. At the same time, the system will work with his original diesel generator, which has the function of automatic starting of 24V.

In the process of installation, the customer mentioned some problems, which are also worth learning from similar projects of other customers.

But in the process of using, customers encounter two problems:

Problem1: It appears as through the generator is staring once the batteries reach the discharge set point but the generator is not charging them. It only supplies the load.


For this problem, our engineer looked at the video and give solutions:

We saw in the video that when you start the generator manually, the AC and CHG lights of the inverter are not lit. This means that there is no charging, because the battery voltage is still about 65%, which is still solar energy priority;

Please check if the two lights are on when the generator starts automatically when the battery is 30%?

If there is light on, it is already charging!


If you are still not sure that it is really charging, please test as follows:

1) Turn off the solar controller

2) When the low voltage of the battery is transferred to the generator, after the generator starts automatically, measure the battery voltage

3) If the battery voltage keeps rising, it means that it is being charged.(see video)


Problem2:When the battery is above 85%, the generator stops, but it won't shut down by itself.

Why is this: because when the battery is lower than 30%, we start the 24V signal to let your generator start automatically (also because your generator has this automatic start function), when the battery reaches 85%, the inverter It will be automatically inverted, and the 24V signal will be disconnected. We can only be our terminal and stop your generator signal (so if you want to realize that the generator turns off the 24V signal and then shut down, this also needs the generator manufacturer Must have this function)

So if your generator doesn't have the function of automatic shutdown, we can't help you shut down your generator. We need to shut it down manually.


After soltuion customer solar problem ,he said :Perhaps one day when we can travel freely again you would like to come for a holiday in New Zealand and see your solar system working?


We are very happy to solve the problem of electricity consumption for our customers. If you have different questions about solar diesel hybrid generator, please feel free to contact us and we will answer them for you.

Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
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Top 10 solar project solution factory in china
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