System:three phase solar energy Batteries



solar energy Batteries


I only need the best Solar engery Batteries for my student. That is what Patience told us, who is the schoolmaster from a Zimbabwean school.


Patience also told us that there is no city grid in Zimbabwe for 18 hours a day, it’s inconvenient. And many people there try to find other way to supply power, like solar power and wind power. Patience own a school, they need power for lights, fans, computers and cooker. And she is very happy to hear that we have 167set solar energy Batteries in Angola schools and 5kw solar energy Batteries system in Senegal school.

And she is impressed by we have government projects like airport, hospital, police office project, konza building project. She said there is no company that so professional like us. And order the system without hesitation.

Now the shipment is reach to her school, with the help of electrician Chris, the system is working very well.

three phase solar energy Batteries

This system also can teach students that sun is best gift from natural. And Tanfon is reliable company.


It is also a great blessing to be able to provide solar energy for thousands of students. Tanfon  adheres to the way to keep the world free of expensive electricity bills. Tanfon solar products, in accordance with the strategic guidelines of Tanfon Chairman, this is not the only one A business is a great cause that brings light to the world.


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