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Why TANFON solar panel price is higher than another supplier ?

0 admin 2019-02-22 10:35:30

One piece solar panel consists of 8 materials and accessories,such as tempered glass,EVA,TPT,aluminum alloy frame,junction box (including cable and MC4),photovoltaic ribbon,solar cells,glass glue (fixed aluminum frame and junction box) etc, each difference in materials will directly affect the solar efficiency and mission life of solar panel.

TANFON solar panel other suppliers’


A grade Suntech/Longi solar cell

solar cell-tanfon solar panel

B or C grade solar cell

After some months usage,the solar panel electricity will decreased very fast,can not generate power.

All solar cell are new and original

tanfon solar cell

second hand solar cell,and fix them by tap

After some months usage,the solar cell will split,later will broken

EVA thickness is 0.45mm,the weight is 800gram per sq meters.

EVA thickness is 0.2mm ,the weight is 400gram per sq meters.

After some months usgae,the solar panel will have bubble,solar panel electricity generation will come down very fast.

Solar panel frame:use 1.5mm thickness solar panel frame,it protect the solar panel during the shipping and installation.

Solar panel frame:use 0.6-0.8mm thickness ,very weak during the shipping and installation.

Solar panel glass damage,the solar panel is not waterproof any more.


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