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Structure and principle of wind and solar hybrid system

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    The wind and solar hybrid system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar photovoltaic cells, controllers, batteries, inverters, AC and DC loads, etc. The system is a collection of wind energy, solar energy and storage batteries and other energy generation technologies and system intelligent control. Technology is a composite renewable energy generation system.

    Wind and solar hybrid system

    (1) In wind and solar hybrid system--Wind power generation part uses wind turbine to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, converts mechanical energy into electric energy through wind power generator, and then charges the battery through controller, and supplies power to the load through inverter;

    (2) In wind and solar hybrid system-- The photovoltaic power generation part converts the light energy into electric energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect of the solar panel, and then charges the battery, and converts the direct current into the alternating current through the inverter to supply the load;

    (3) In wind and solar hybrid system--The inverter system consists of several inverters, which converts the DC power in the battery into a standard 220V AC to ensure the normal use of AC load equipment. At the same time, it also has an automatic voltage regulation function to improve the power supply quality of the wind and solar hybrid system;

    (4) The control part continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the battery pack according to the changes of the sunshine intensity, the wind force and the load: on the one hand, the adjusted electric energy is directly sent to the direct current or the alternating current load. On the other hand, the excess power is sent to the battery pack for storage. When the power generation cannot meet the load demand, the controller sends the battery power to the load to ensure the continuity and stability of the entire system.

    (5) The battery part is composed of multiple batteries, which play the two roles of energy regulation and balance load in the system. It converts the electrical energy output from wind power systems and photovoltaic power generation systems into chemical energy for use in case of insufficient power supply.

    Wind and solar hybrid system

    Wind and solar hybrid system can operate in the following three modes according to the wind and solar radiation changes: the wind turbine separately supplies power to the load; the photovoltaic power generation system separately supplies power to the load; wind and solar hybrid system jointly supply power to the load.

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