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Advantages of Solar Inverter WSC series

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Advantages of Solar Inverter WSC series


Wall-mounted design solar invetrer WSC series advantages


solar inverter

The whole series controlled by program of DSP intelligent chip

Automatic charge

solar inverter

The whole series with automatic AC charger and automatic AC mains switch function. Switch time within 5ms.

Continuous Stable output voltage

solar inverter

No matter how low or how high the AC input voltage is, with voltage stabilizer our inverter provides standard 110v or 220v stable output, which keeps the loading works stably. wide stabilizing range of AC input optional.

PS: only a few inverter in the market has stabilizer technology ,even they have, they can only provide short time stabilization but not continuously.so the loading can work in short time stably only but not long time.or their stabilizing range is not wide as ours.

Original imported MOS tube

solar inverter

Brand new and imported U.S brand infineon IR MOSFETs are used for the whole series

IR4768, IR3205, IR4310

Ring transformer

solar inverter

Super load capacity: three times peak power of rate power

Two layers PCB

solar inverter

Two layers PCB board:real isolated input and output,they will not influence each other during operating.such design is in order to improve the stability of the inverter,and it is easy to detect faults and maintain

LCD display

solar inverter

LCD HD display:

This series is equipped with high-definition LCD display,

Real-time display the status of machine.

Make sure that you can be the first time to know the actual status of the machine.


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