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How to distinguish the quality of Solar led light system

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How to distinguish the quality of Solar led light system




solar led light system


solar led light system

Made of aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation solar led light system Made of plastic, poor heat dissipation
Bridgelux double chip leds, the luminous efficiency reaches 160-180LM/W Poor quality led chip,luminous efficiency is 80-100LM/W
Class A famous brand high efficiency lithium battery, PICC insuarance company underwriting Class B or C lithium battery, even second hand battery
Hot-dip galvanizing, Wind load reaches 55M/S, Light pole wall thickness 3mm Simple anti rust treatment, The pole wall thickness is 2-2.5mm
Famous brand controller, stable and reliable Homemade or unbranded controller
A grade Suntech solar cell, 18% efficiency Not brand name solar panel, low efficiency.


Tanfon solar led light system have 3 kinds of design, all-in-one solar led light system(pv panel, controller, lithium battery, led lamp in one box.), Semi-split solar led lights system(lithium battery and controller in one box), Completely split design solar led lights system. 

The above comparison is about all-in-one design solar led light system. The all-in-one solar led light system power design can be 8W upto 120W.

The all-in-one solar led light system operating mode: light control + human body induction

It lights up in the dark, for example, 30% or 50% when no one is on, and 100% when someone lights up. These data can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Light control: When the solar panel absorbs less than the light source, it will automatically light up. If the solar panel is completely covered by the object, it will also light up.

solar led light system  

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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