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4 kinds of Solar Energy System Contrast


Solar Energy System Contrast

Off-grid solar energy system

solar energy system

  • Single phase 300W-30KW, three phase 1kw-250kw
  • Store sun power in battery, take the load
  • When no sunshine, get city power to battery, and take the load.
  • Suggestion: if the electricity is not stable, buy solar off grid system supply power day and night.

On-grid solar energy system

solar energy system

  • Single phase 2kw-5kw
  • 120V-500V MPPT range, working without battery.
  • In daytime, solar power take the load directly
  • If sun power not enough, sun power + city power take the load together.
  • PS: load is 5KW, inverter is 5KW, solar is 2KW, get 3kw city power to load.
  • Suggestion: if the city power is stable, small load, want to save cost on solar system (office, home)

Off-grid solar system running without battery

solar energy system

  • Single phase 1-7.5kw; three phase 10kw-100kw
  • Sale sun power to utility, use free power at night
  • PS: daytime produce 10kwh, already use 7kwh for load, so at night still have 3kwh is free power (from sunshine)--if you use 5kwh at night, so just need to pay 2kwh electricity Bill
  • Suggestion: if the electricity is stable at the place for application and the government agree for the installation use on grid system.

On & off grid solar energy system

solar energy system

  • Single phase 1-10kw; three phase 15kw-200kw
  • If the place have good sunshine, store the sun power in battery, send extra power to grid
  • If no sunshine, can use city power take the load
  • If no sunshine, not city power, use battery take the load.
  • Suggestion: government have them rules so they need to agree when you want to install on grid system, but if the electricity power is not stable in that place, can buy on &off grid system



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