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City power and battery power switch time 5ms

0 Foshan Tanfon 2020-12-31 10:39:06

Mr.Ale is from Curaçao. Curaçao is an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea. The customer said that the sunshine is very abundant in Curacao. Before he used the diesel generator, but now he wants to replace it with a solar system.

He has one concern that the three-phase voltage is 220V. This voltage is special. I have consulted our engineers and it is ok to do the three-phase 220V. For North/South America, this is their market voltage. Approximately 530 sets of solar systems are delivered to the South American market.

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Another customer's question is that he is very concerned about the switch between the mains and the battery. He told me that when he uses a diesel generator, when the diesel generator is out of power and then switched to the mains, the light at home will turn off and then turn on. There were flashes and flashes. He asked me whether the solar system would do the same? I said, no. Our inverter uses Japan’s Mitsubishi IGBT module with a conversion time of 5 milliseconds, so there will be no situations where the light flashes or turns off and then turns on again. Even if the computer is working, when the battery is power off and turn to the city power charge, the computer will not shut down too.

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The customer also browsed our official website and saw some of our government engineering cases. He was very satisfied with our product quality and service. After answering all his doubts, the customer placed an order of one 10kw three phase solar system. He said we would have more cooperation in near future. Now he is working for a Parking lot solar street light project, we are discussing this. Tanfon solar will provide all our customers the one-stop service.

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