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10kw off grid solar system in Mozambique

10kw off grid solar system

Mr Sergio is a business man from Mozambique who has ordered 10kw off grid solar system from Tanfon.

He contacts us from company website for the 10kw solar kit used in his house,

10kw off grid solar system

He said that he want to use this 10kw off grid solar system to power his normal loads in home

Such as 3pcs 1HP air conditioner, TV, Refrigerator, washing machines.

Lights and other small loads.

“Whether 10kw off grid solar system is enough to power?”

“Yes, very enough, for house usage, most usage power system is 1kw 3kw 5kw 10kw off grid solar system

If there is air conditioner about 3pcs,we suggest use 10000 watts off grid solar system at least, because air conditioner is inductive loads, when start working,the surge power is almost 3times for working power ”

“ok i see. I Very trust your products quality, because you have done so many airport, government cafe, army projects, so you guys must make sure quality even in house usage

I saw you have installed so many projects in africa also Mozambique, which give me more confidence to use your products!Also, excellent for you guys can provide one stop service.

I dont need to think about how many battery and panels i need, and how to design it, or find different things from different suppliers!I am very happy! Thanks”

10kw off grid solar system

Finally, Mr Sergio asked me to make PI directly then he can pay without any hesitation,

After all,Tanfon have more than 12years experience in solar area,and our mission is let the world get rid of expensive electricity bill.

10kw off grid solar system

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