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Neither gold nor silver prize is as valuable as the customer's praise

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-11-16 13:44:33

Neither gold nor silver prize is as valuable as the customer's praise

Our old customer Carol** from Kenya came to visit us on Sunday. This time she introduced her friend to us. Her friend Jesa** is from Uganda and she also wants to buy a solar system kit for her home use.

solar system kit


Last time, Carol** came with his husband buying one 5kw solar system kit. Before they came to our factory, they visited another one. That supplier suggested them the three phase inverter solar system kit as there is the pump. In our communication, because she doesn't often use the water pump and the solar system kit is mostly for their normal home electricity appliances use, we suggested them the single phase solar system kit. We told to them "the three phase inverter also could take the single phase loads, but only 1/3 power could be used through one phase” For example, the 5kw three phase inverter, each phase could be separated into 1.6KW. That means you could use only 1.6KW each phase to take the loads. If one phase input is overload, the whole machine would be overload and warning alert. With our professional guidance, finally they bought one 5kw single phase solar system kit.

solar system kit


solar system kit


solar system kit


three phase inverter solar system kit


three phase inverter


The goods reached their home last month, they installed the 5kw solar system kit very professionally with the help of the engineer. After she tested, everything worked well. She felt very satisfied with our solar system kit and showed us some photos on the phone. So when her friend asked her whether there is a superior solar system kit supplier could be introduced to her or not, she thought us TANFON at first time. Therefore, they came to China together this time to visit us.

solar system kit


solar system kit


After the meeting that day, Jesa** decided to buy two sets 5kw single phase solar system kit and 12pcs solar street lights at first. She also has a project needed 250KW three phase inverter solar system kit. When she saw our company supplied many solar projects all over the world, she believes that we have this capacity to do her project well. This big solar system kit will be discussed in details in near future.

We always believe “Neither gold nor silver prize is as valuable as the customer's praise”. When we do the good quality products and good services, the customers will choose us at second time for sure.

Choose Tanfon, choose satisfaction!

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