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How to set up solar led lights outdoor


Although Sudan has the best solar radiation levels across the African continent, which is still one of the countries with the lowest renewable energy systems solar energy development in Africa.

renewable energy systems

In the past few years, the Sudanese government has tried several measures to increase the share of renewable energy system in the country's energy mix, but so far the results seem to be quite limited.

However, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports the Sudanese government's efforts to promote renewable energy systems and is seeking consultants' experience in developing a national feed-in tariff plan to help the Sudanese government and the electricity regulatory agency (ERA) to subsidize the future. The mechanism seeks the most appropriate legal and regulatory framework.

According to UNDP, the Sudan Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Power has implemented specific measures to split power generation, transmission and distribution, and has taken the first step in the privatization of the energy sector.

In addition, UNDP also analyzed the country's wind and solar power renewable energy systems potential. At the same time, ERA has separately investigated the electricity cost of the Sudanese power system and the electricity price structure (including the feed-in tariff).

It is expected that the future feed-in tariff plan will support grid-connected and off-grid renewable energy systems generator sets. The Sudanese government plans to install 500,000 kilowatts of solar renewable energy systems and 300,000 kilowatts of wind power renewable energy systems capacity by 2020.

solar led lights outdoor

More and more customers ask for solar led lights outdoor. The solar led lights outdoor not only for government projects, many customers buy small quantity solar led lights outdoor system for patio lighting, house yard lighting, village road lighting, etc.

They are looking for the suppliers who make sure quality and serivice.

The customers buy the all-in-one design solar led lights outdoor. The solar led lights outdoor system working module is that

solar led lights outdoor solar led lights outdoor

Solar cells made from solar photovoltaics using the photovoltaic principle.

During the day, the solar panel receives solar radiant energy and is converted into electric energy output, which is stored in the lithium battery pack through the intelligent controller.

At night, when the illuminance is gradually lower than about 10 Lux, the solar panel open circuit voltage is about 4.5 V, and the charge and discharge controller detects after detecting this voltage value, the lithium battery pack is discharged and the LED lamp head works. According to the light sense and the discharge time set by the system, the lithium battery pack completes the cycle discharge work.

solar led lights outdoor solar led lights outdoor

They are very satisfied with tanfon products.

And now they are dedicated into another big order of solar led lights outdoor for government project.

We have three kinds design of solar led lights outdoor system: all-in-one design solar led lights outdoor(pv panel, controller, battery, lamp in one box.), Semi-split design solar led lights outdoor(battery and led lamp in one box), Completely split design solar led lights outdoor. 

Semi-split design solar led lights outdoor(battery and led lamp in one box)

solar led lights outdoor

Completely split design solar led lights outdoor

solar led lights outdoor

Which kinds of solar led lights outdoor design fit your projects? More information to know please feel free contact our TANFON team.

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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