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50KW Wind Power System in Tibet,China

0 Foshan Tanfon 2020-12-14 14:35:22

This is a 50KW wind power generation system installed in Tibet. Due to its remote location, it is difficult to cover the urban with city power, so our customers choose to use wind power.

The local wind speed is about 6 meters per second. Based on the power of the load and the working time, our engineers have calculated that the customer needs a 50KW wind turbine to meet their electricity demand.

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According to the power curve of the wind turbine, when the wind reaches 6 meters per second, the output power per hour is 10kwh, which is consistent with the feedback sent back by the customer.

When the wind speed can reach 11 meters per second, the fan can have an output of 50kwh per hour.

The wind turbine can be used in many places with good wind power, such as the seaside and the top of the mountain. It can continue to generate electricity for 24 hours. If the wind power does not reach the rated working wind speed and requires a lot of electricity, then you can consider adding a solar system.To make A wind-solar complementary system.

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