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what does TUV ,IEC certification of solar panels represent?

0 Foshan Tanfon 2020-12-03 17:03:30

Charles in January 2020, Ali sent a solar panel inquiry. During the chat, Charles told us that he is Colombian, but works in Venezuela, and he also has business in Colombia . Charles learned that Colombia's electricity bill is high, and the cost of solar panels is twice the price of China. So, start a solar business. So he is going to buy a sample for testing. If the quality is good, then consider buying in bulk.

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He initially offered to buy a 30kw system for his family in Colombia. At the first time, we heard that buying 30kw for home use is too large power . We didn’t recommend. Charles told us later that the Columbia house has a back garden, so a water pump is needed. In addition, the solar energy can be used as much as possible to provide nearly 24 hours of electricity consumption. We have calculated and combined with Charles' budget, 30kw is a reasonable configuration.

Through frequent communication, Charles decided to buy a 30kw off-grid home system. Because of first cooperation,he worried about our quality. So we provided many cases in the world on the official website, a case on after-sales service, and a video with our sales staff to participate in the factory. This increased Charles' confidence in the authenticity of our factory.

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Considering the freight,he wants to put together a cabinet. After discussion, Charles decided to purchase more solar panels. But we are required to give IEC certification and TUV certification. To judge the quality standards of our solar panels. Finally, we provided them to Charles’ certification requirements, and finally the solar panels and 30kw system were successfully shipped.

Before the convid-19 outbreak, Charles received the goods. Then, due to the epidemic, shipping costs increased, the cost of solar panels in Colombia increased, and Charles' imported solar panels were very popular. And it has also been well received by customers.

Charles is now also discussing the shipment of the next batch of solar systems with us. Thank you

Charles for your support to Tanfon.

IEC certification and TUV certification escort our Tianfeng solar panels. Customers who are ready to start or are selling solar panels are welcome to test our products. Give everyone the greatest confidence.

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