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South Korea provides solar aid to tackle Nigeria's power crisis

0 admin 2022-04-08 17:13:30

Nigeria's "Assault" reported on December 17 that South Korea's ambassador to Nigeria revealed at the Nigerian Senate Electricity Committee that South Korea has offered to help Nigeria develop nuclear energy solutions to solve the country's power generation and power supply shortages. The South Korean ambassador said the nuclear energy options currently in use in the United Arab Emirates are based on the South Korean model and powered by South Korean companies.



The meeting was originally intended to clarify certain issues with the small solar grid project gifted to Nigeria by the South Korean government. The project includes 4 micro solar grids worth $12.4 million. The South Korean ambassador said that the four mini-grids will all be housed in Abuja and that construction and maintenance will be undertaken by South Korean contractors. The Senate Electricity Committee welcomed the donation, but deemed $12.4 million enough to build 12 grids that it hopes will be deployed nationwide. The committee also hopes that Nigerian companies will also participate in the project. South Korea's ambassador said he would pass on the request to Seoul despite the committee's difficult request

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