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Can Using Solar Energy Lower Your Electric Bill?

0 admin 2022-09-16 15:40:32

Can you get more stable electricity and lower your electricity bill by using solar power?


Do you want to have more stable and affordable electricity, load shedding is a disturbance to business during the day.

With the shortage of energy, are you also facing the state of rising electricity prices? Some countries have begun to implement three-stage electricity prices, and the electricity prices are different according to different time periods. There are diesel generators in the home, but the cost of oil is also rising. Electricity bills also put a lot of pressure on families

Like one customer feedback:
Libya has shortage of power especially in summer and winter. local electrical company authorities is not able to provide enough power to all loads. So they make cut of the power to city by city. The cut of power stay about from 4 to 10 hours. 
The people use emergency diese Generators in order to cooling their Houses during cut power time everyday.

Ecological alternatives to photovoltaic energy are widely accepted today and are necessary for the development of industry, commerce, agriculture, households and any productive activity.
Did you know that solar energy is a kind of free green electricity? As long as there is sun, you can generate free electricity by absorbing solar energy and then using solar panels

And I believe that the sunshine in your location is also very good, right?

I'm guessing your roof has been sitting idle as well? And the temperature of the room on the top floor is still very high?

Combine your geographic location, sunlight resources, and idle roofs. Solar energy can solve your electricity price problem, free you from the trouble of high electricity bills and instability, and use free and stable electricity for the next 30 years.
If you are home use, we recommend you to choose: 1KW, 2kw3KW, 5KW, 10KW
If you are industrial and commercial, we have many customer choices: 20KW, 50KW, 100KW, 150KW.

TANFON has a professional team that can calculate the suitable solar power generation system for you. You can see different installation videos, factory videos, test videos, etc. on our website and YOUTUBE.

The installation and use of energy storage systems have a big security risk , so this is the reason why we offer a 360° guarantee on all our products. 

1) We use German 5S Technology, which makes it easy to carry heavy loads for 365 days.
5S is derived from the 5 safety technical standards of German raw materials to protect your electrical equipment, especially industrial motors, motors and other equipment. There are also high-end imported medical equipment, which is very suitable for the load of equipment that requires a very stable power supply environment. And 5S technology can provide you with protection.

2) Two-way flame retardant protection technology, provides 650°C high temperature protection for wires;
Tanfon takes flame-retardant materials as the basis, and the rationality of our system configuration. The configuration of 1-2C charging increases the solar system connection safety ,and the installation and use support of the after-sales service team protects your installation line, allowing the entire system Safer operation.

3) Our unique IOT App solar housekeeper helps the system get 2 times longer lifespan
Regular maintenance reminders can ensure the safety of the line, increase the solar panel power generation efficiency ,prevent the short circuit caused by dust on the inverter PCB board, prevent the long-term voltage imbalance between the battery two terminals , and extend the operating life of the entire solar system.

Courtesy reminder: TANFON Safety solar system protects you and your belongings

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