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Why does neighbor residential solar panels generate more electricity than mine?

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-12-26 14:59:20

Now it is the winter. And there are the storm snows in some areas.

residential solar panels

How is your residential solar panels photovoltaic plant?

All is snowing. Why does my neighbor residential solar panels generate more electricity than mine?

First of all, the photovoltaic module of the photovoltaic power plant will not be frozen out, but the snow covering on the residential solar panels will reduce the power generated by the whole system.

residential solar panels

Now let me tell you some tips:

How to prevent the snow:

In the winter, PV modules are very easy to accumulate dust and snow. The residential solar panels power loss caused by the dust and snow to the component exceeds 5%. The cleaning of PV modules can avoid the hot spot effect and prolong the service life of the solar panel.

For some cold areas that are often snowy, it is recommended that the installed residential solar panels have a larger dip angle, and the snow will slip when accumulating in a certain extent , reducing the cumulative speed of snow. When installing, the bottom of the solar panels should be kept at a certain distance from the ground. When the snow slides down on the bottom, so that it does not accumulate to the solar panel later.

residential solar panels

(The pictures were feedback from our customer in Canada. TANFON solar panel use goated tempered galss, high efficiency, and snow will not cover it.)

residential solar panels

residential solar panels

 How to clean up snow on the residential solar panels

If there is heavy snow on the residential solar panels, it needs to be cleaned. You can use soft objects to push the snow down, taking care not to scratch the glass. The residential solar panel are load-bearing, but they cannot be stepped on it, which may cause the solar panel to crack or damage and affect the service life. It is generally recommended not to wait for the snow to be too thick and then clean to avoid freezing the solar panels.

In many cases, the reflection of snow will contribute to photovoltaic power generation. If the snow does not cover the residential solar panel, the snow on the ground will emit sunlight like a mirror, so the power generation will increase. However, if the snow covers the residential solar panel completely, only a small part of the sunlight will pass through the snow to the photovoltaic modules, which will affect the photovoltaic power generation.

Cleaning snow cover residential solar panels attention

◆Be sure to pay attention to the use of soft objects to prevent scratching the glass and reduce the amount of light transmitted by the battery solar panel;

◆ It must be noted that hot water can not be poured into the surface of the solar panel, and uneven heat and cold will seriously damage the panel surface;

◆Be sure to not step on the solar panel to clean it. The panel has certain bearing requirements, which may cause the component to crack or damage and affect the life of the solar panel.

◆ Be careful not to wait for the snow to be too thick and then clean to avoid freezing the solar panel.

◆Be sure to clean the snow. If there is only one small strip of snow on the solar panel, it should be cleaned up, and the blocked panel will be completely ineffective, resulting in a significant reduction in power generation efficiency of the inverter.

Sweeping snow

First, the mop removes snow

Use a soft cloth mop to push the snow down. This way saves money and save trouble. 

residential solar panels

But be careful: Do not use sharp objects to avoid scratching the glass.

This is a wrong demonstration:

residential solar panels

(Error demonstration: shoveling snow with a shovel will damage the panel)

Second, cover the cloth or plastic bag

Small residential solar panels photovoltaic power plants can also be covered with cloth or plastic bags when snowing, until the snow stops and can be uncovered.

Third, the robot removes snow.


Do you get the answer why does your neighbor residential solar panels generate more electricity than yours?


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