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Off-grid PV Systems Differ from Grid-connected PV Systems

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-12-17 15:26:02

Off-grid photovoltaic system is different from grid-connected photovoltaic system: grid-connected photovoltaic system is mostly used in areas that allow electricity to be sold.

In the daytime, use the solar energy and excess power is sent to the grid. The energy storage system needs to add the battery. The battery can be used when the solar energy is not generating electricity at night.

Off-grid photovoltaic system main components: solar panels, off-grid inverters,controllers, batteries.

On-grid system main components: solar panels, on-grid inverters.

So how big is the battery in the energy storage system? How much do you need?The energy storage capacity in the off-grid photovoltaic system is based on the time ratio of the power consumption of the electricalequipment.

If you don't care about the time of use, how long it will take. The energy storage battery can be equipped with any capacity, but the voltage should match.

If you want to use the electrical appliances in the facility for a certain period of time, you need to calculate the energy storage capacity separately.It is not a waste of cost to store more energy, and less energy storage can not satisfy the demand for self-use.

All energy storage systems are basically not uniform and can only be calculated separately by using electric power and time combined with local lighting resources.

The following sets of off-grid photovoltaic system are for reference only:

3KW Off-grid Photovoltaic System

(TANFON 3KW Off-grid Photovoltaic System)

5KW Off-grid Photovoltaic System

(TANFON 5KW Off-grid Photovoltaic System)

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