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Summer and winter, PV power plant in which season generate more electricity?

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Summer and winter, PV power plant in which season generate more electricity?


When there was no PV power plant before, we thought that there was more direct sunlight in the summer, the more solar energy absorbed by the photovoltaic panels, the more electricity the pv power plant sent. Later, when the PV power plant was installed in the house, it was discovered that "the bigger the sun, the more power is generated" Misunderstanding!

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Many people who don't know much about PV power plants have always thought that "the summer light is long and enough, so the power generation of the PV power plant must be large. "But in fact, if the power generation of distributed PV power plants is sorted by season, it is spring, autumn, summer, and winter.

Although the summer is sunny, but in summer high temperature, high humidity, heavy rainfall, and severe weather are relatively frequent. These unique factors will have a certain impact on the power generation of the PV power plant.

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The daily output of photovoltaic power station is related to local sunshine intensity, component orientation, installation inclination and seasonal weather conditions. In summer, the high temperature is the main factor affecting the output of PV power plants. High temperature will affect the components and the inverters as well. The peak temperature coefficient of the photovoltaic module is between -0.38~0.44/℃, that is, the higher the temperature, the lower the power generation of the photovoltaic module. Theoretically, the power generation decrease to about 0.44% for every degree of temperature increase. Although compared with the daily power generation of PV power plants, the loss is only a little "insignificant", but over time, the loss of more electricity. Moreover, in addition to the impact of continuous high temperature on power generation, serious time will also lead to equipment downtime and equipment high temperature fire. Of course, such a sutiation is unlikely to happen, but it does not rule out unexpected circumstances. The temperature is suitable isspring and autumn. PV power plants are seldom affected by bad weather.

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