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How to choose its photovoltaic solar panels?


 The installation of photovoltaic solar panels

It is very important to select the most suitable material for housing the solutions proposed by the manufacturers, and to ensure you have the best performance. here are some tips to help you choose the most suitable photovoltaic solar panels.

photovoltaic solar panels

The different types of photovoltaic solar panels

There are three types of photovoltaic solar panels, monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous, they have different uses which need to be taken into account in order to choose the most suited to your project to consumption.

The amorphous:  these signs have the best quality / price ratio, they are even with a low brightness.


        photovoltaic solar panels


The monocrystallins: they are the most commonly used in the market at present


mono photovoltaic solar panels


The polycrystallins: they are used when direct sunlight is guaranteed


poly photovoltaic solar panels

To sum up, the choice of photovoltaic solar panels is possible, if you have a low brightness to your home, it will be preferable to opt for a single crystal plates. if, on the other hand, the sunshine of your roof is ideal, the panels also are possible. in addition, in the case of a tight budget and time limited you can choose the poly panels.

Soft power of photovoltaic solar panels

The peak power of the pv panels can compare different brands and technologies between them, on the basis of shared and standardized. but the relevant data have been carried out in almost perfect conditions of sunshine and heat, it should not take the data at face value.

It is in this logic that we have created an excel file to help our customers estimate the power and consumption of their devices so that we can help them choose the right system.

The performance of photovoltaic solar panels

With time, the yield of photovoltaic solar panels tends to decrease gradually. This is due to the natural aging of the material. However, most brands(like Sun-tech) provide long-term returns to ensure return on investment. The performance of a panel is generally guaranteed at 90% after 10 years, and at 80% after 20 years of use. Be careful not to confuse the performance with the life of the panels, which is about 25 years on average.

How to choose an installer for photovoltaic solar panels?  

It is necessary to ensure the competence and qualification of the craftsmen who will be brought to work at your place. Your installer must have a "ten year warranty" applicable in case of problems on your photovoltaic solar panels system. It will also benefit from quality PV certification.

Such as Tanfon, for example, who has 11 years of experience in the sale of solar products and their installation and has facilities all over the world.
Tanfon has 24-hour customer service which also supports customers when installing their system.

Photo as an illustration of one of our installations 

photovoltaic solar panels


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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

TANFON 15KW solar system with lightning protection function

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TANFON Airport Project 60kw Solar System in Indonesia

TANFON 10KW Inverter Solar Panel System Use for Small Resort in Kenya

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