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The working principle and product features of solar street light

0 Foshan Tanfon 2019-02-28 15:41:32

In terms of working principle, the solar street light uses solar energy as the light source, and the solar panel will charge the battery during the day. In the evening, when lighting is needed, the battery will start to supply power to the light source. It does not need to lay complicated and expensive power supply lines in use, so that it can be installed in any environment of any venue. Its battery adopts natural light, can be recycled, no external power supply, and the source is green. When the sunlight is insufficient, the solar street light The ability to automatically adjust the switch, truly unguarded, all-weather work.

Compared with traditional high-voltage power supply incandescent street lamps, solar street light have great differences in product characteristics, material structure and power supply lines. Solar street light is a kind of traffic road condition lighting in our country that uses solar energy as a new energy source for street lamps. In urban life, street lamps play a very important role and are the eyes of our travel and nightlife.

In terms of product features, solar street lights use solar energy on the light source. During the day, it can use the solar circuit board to charge the battery inside the street lamp. At night, the battery can supply power to the lamp, which can fully meet the lighting needs. The solar power source used in solar street lamps is green and environmentally friendly, and it can be seen everywhere in nature. This saves the materials needed for laying power supply lines, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and improves construction efficiency. In addition, solar street lights have green and environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and stable product structure, and have very good social and economic benefits.

Solar street lights, environmental conditions for use: 1. Altitude: ≤5000M; 2. Ambient temperature: -50°C_+70°C; 3. Design wind speed: 35m/s; 4. Relative humidity: 80%; 5. Earthquake intensity: Level 8

Second, the adoption of standards (latest inspection standards):

All equipment and materials manufacturing, testing and other aspects should comply with the following standards: GB7000.1-2002 "General Safety Requirements and Tests for Lamps" GB7003-86 "Classification of Lamp Housing Protection Grades" QB/T "Lighting Plates, Chemical Coatings" GB7248-87 "Safety Requirements for Electric Light Sources"

GB9468-88 "Photometric Test of Road Lighting Fixtures"

GB19652-2005 "Quality classification and other indicators of electric light source products" GB5702-85 "Light source color rendering method"

GB50259-96 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Lighting Installations" CJJ89-2001 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Urban Road Lighting Projects" IEC60598-1 "International Safety Standards"

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