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Wind and solar complementary system application prospects

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Wind and solar complementary system--Electricity-free rural life, production and electricity

Many countries around the world are rich in wind and solar energy. Therefore, the potential for using wind and solar hybrid power generation systems to solve power problems is great. The adoption of a standardized wind and solar complementary system is conducive to accelerating the economic development of these areas and improving their economic level. In addition, the use of wind-solar complementary systems to develop renewable energy with abundant reserves can provide the most suitable and cheapest electricity service for the rural population in remote areas and promote the sustainable development of poverty-stricken areas.

The globally-operated villages have built more than 10 million renewable energy centralized power supply systems, but these systems only provide lighting and domestic electricity, and can not or do not use productive loads, which makes the system economical very difference. Renewable energy independent operation of the village centralized power supply system is economically sustainable operation, involving system ownership, management mechanisms, electricity tariff standards, production load management, power station government subsidy funding sources, quantity and distribution channels. But this sustainable development model has far-reaching implications for all developing countries, including China.Application in semiconductor outdoor lighting with wind and solar complementary system.

The power consumption of outdoor lighting projects in the world accounts for about 12% of the global power generation. Under the increasingly tense energy and environmental protection backgrounds around the world, its energy-saving work has attracted worldwide attention.

The basic principle is: solar energy and wind energy can be intelligently charged to the battery through the controller in a complementary form, and various types of led outdoor lamps can be automatically turned on and off according to the intensity of light at night. The intelligent controller has wireless sensor network communication function, which can realize three remote management (telemetry, remote communication, remote control) with the background computer. The intelligent controller also has powerful artificial intelligence function, and implements advanced computer three remote management for the entire lighting project, with emphasis on the operation inspection and fault and burglar alarm of the lighting fixture.

Outdoor road lighting projects mainly include:

Roadway lighting project (fast track/main road/secondary road/sub-branch);

Residential (generalized) road lighting project (community street light / garden light / lawn light / underground light / wall light, etc.).

At present, the new energy and new light source outdoor lighting projects have been developed: wind and solar complementary led intelligent street lamps, wind and light complementary led residential road lighting projects, wind and solar complementary led landscape lighting projects, wind and solar complementary led intelligent tunnel lighting projects, intelligent led street lights, etc. .

Application on the navigation mark with wind and solar complementary system

Solar energy generation has been applied to navigation marks in some areas of China, especially lighthouse piles, but there are also some problems. The most prominent is that solar power generation is insufficient under continuous bad weather conditions, which may cause battery over-discharge and light to be extinguished, which affects the battery. Use performance or damage. The problem of insufficient solar power generation in winter and spring is particularly serious.

In bad weather, it is often accompanied by strong winds. That is to say, the unsatisfactory weather conditions of solar power generation are often the most abundant wind energy. For this situation, wind power generation can be used as the mainstay. Instead of traditional solar power systems. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system is environmentally friendly, non-polluting, maintenance-free, easy to install and use, and meets the requirements of navigational energy applications. In the case that the solar energy configuration meets the spring and summer energy supply, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system is not activated; in the winter and spring or in the case of continuous bad weather conditions and poor solar power generation, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system is activated. It can be seen that the application of the wind and solar hybrid power supply system on the navigation mark has seasonal and climatic characteristics. Facts have proved that its application is feasible and the effect is obvious.

Monitoring camera power application with wind and solar complementary system

At present, highway road cameras usually operate 24 hours a day, using the traditional mains power system, although the power is not large, but because of the large number, it will consume a lot of power, the traditional power system is not conducive to energy saving; and because of the camera The cable of the power supply is often stolen, and the loss is large, which greatly increases the cost of use and maintenance, and increases the operating cost of the expressway business unit.

The application of the wind-powered mutual power generation system provides power for the road monitoring cameras, which not only saves energy, but also does not need to lay cables, which reduces the possibility of theft and effectively prevents theft. However, in some areas of China, there will be bad weather conditions, such as continuous ash weather, less sunshine, wind up to wind, and there will be no continuous power supply. You can use the original power line, and the solar energy and wind energy are insufficient. When charging, the battery is automatically charged to ensure that the system can work normally.

Application in communication base station with wind and solar complementary system

At present, many islands, mountainous areas and other places in China are far away from the power grid. However, due to the communication needs of local tourism, fishery, navigation and other industries, communication base stations need to be established. The power load of these base stations is not very large. If the utility power is used, the cost of the poles is very high. If the diesel engine is used for power supply, there is a problem that the diesel storage and transportation costs are high, the system maintenance is difficult, and the reliability is not high.

To solve the problem of long-term stable and reliable power supply, we can only rely on local natural resources. Solar energy and wind energy are inexhaustible renewable resources, and they are quite rich in islands. In addition, solar energy and wind energy are highly complementary in time and geography. The island scenery complementary power supply system is more reliable and economical. A good independent power system, suitable for communication base station power supply. Since the base station has base station maintenance personnel, the system can be equipped with a diesel generator for use when solar energy and wind power are insufficient. This can reduce the capacity of the solar cell array and the fan in the system, thereby reducing system cost and increasing system reliability.

Application in pumped storage power station with wind and solar complementary system

The wind-solar complementary pumped-storage power station uses Wind and solar complementary system to generate electricity. It can pump water storage when the pump is directly driven by the battery without using the battery, and then use the stored water to achieve stable power generation. This kind of energy development method combines the traditional development of new energy such as water, wind and solar energy, and uses the difference in time and space distribution of the three energy sources to achieve complementary development during the period. It is suitable for remote areas that are difficult to cover by the power grid and is beneficial to energy. Ecological environment protection in development.

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