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Papua New Guinea customers' difficulties in using electricity

0 admin 2024-06-13 17:13:06

Recently a client from Papua New Guinea came to asking for a solar system for his apartment. He has been troubled by the lack of reliable electricity in his area, hoping the solar system would solve his electricity problems, Simon detailed the loads and photographs of his apartment.

As we can see from the customer's load list, the main consideration is the number and power of the customer's air conditioners. Because air conditioners are perceptual loads, the power is relatively high when they start, so if you start several air conditioners at the same time, the power requirement of inverter is high.So according the customer's description and use of the situation, we configured for the customer 20kw off grid solar system.

Based on these loads,I calculated the power carefully and recommend Simon choose the 20kw off grid three phase solar system.The system uses high-efficiency solar panels to ensure that it can generate enough electricity to meet the apartment 118kwh electricity demand during the day when there is sufficient sunshine.It also can store excess electricity generated during the day and provide a stable power supply at night.
The customer is very satisfied with the system we helped him design, and also consulted the relevant installation instructions and after-sales service. We will provide a through-train service, from the design and production to after-sales visits, customers are very professional and satisfied, hope we have a formal contract. Timely resolution and professional response to customer issues, is the key to order transactions.


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