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TANFON solar panel automatic production line

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We have our own independent solar cell test room.
Before the solar cell is invested, we will detect 100% of the cell from the four aspects of power, efficiency, color and EL.
We have the state-of-the-art superimpillary solar cell laser cutting machine and superposition machine, and we use the best conductive glue in solar cell tab welding: 'Debon' brand, the same brand with TW Solar.
After single group string solae cells skewers solder, we will do the EL detection again, preventing the existence of hobbying.
Before and after the panel high temperature laminated, EL detection will be made 2 times.
After the lamination is completed, install the aluminum alloy border with the automatic frame machine.
After installing the border, we will do 4-5 hours of aging, then test the product technology data. Our data testing equipment has done data calibration detection in national laboratories, accurate data.
All in one, during th producing procedures, 90% parts are automatically except packaging.

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