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Solar pump irrigation project in Guizhou province China

Guizhou is a big province lie in the south China, full of sunshine, good place to use solar power. This project is in the top of mountain, no city power at all. 

irrigation agriculture solar

People live there try to connect city power, but the mountain very far from city, long disance cable very expensive and conduction loss. Local government support them to use solar power instead of city power. It is much cheaper and reproducible.

The montain is 125m high from river, down the montain, there is a river, the tank is 500m away.

The solar pump system only working when sun rise. When the sun strong, the flow strong, the sun weak, the flow weak. To shorten the working time to 4hour/day, they choose 8KW three phase pump, with flow 8㎡/hour to irrigation.

The pump rate 8KW, it need solar power more start the pump. Consider the strong of sun in one day, 1.5time is the best factory. so the solar panel rate 12KW, 40pcs 300W solar panel to suppy the power, 20pcs solar panels in series, total 2 series.

solar panel system for irrigation
Solar project in China

The pump works pefect in Guizhou, local government plan to purchase more solar pump system for others mountain.

Pump rate:8KW three phase

Flow: 8㎡/hour, head:140m

Pump inverter rate:11KW

Solar panel rate:12KW

300w solar panel, 40pcs(20*2)

irrigation solar pump system

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