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Colombia customer ask for dual output inverter

For some South American countries, there have dual output electricity, some home appliances use 110V AC output, but some appliances use 220V AC output, so they need special design inverter with dual output. More and more customers from South American like our this special design dual output inverter.

I want to share with you my sale this week.

A person from Meza's Name contacted me to ask for off grid pure sine wave inverter on August 6 on Alibaba.

I responded to his request but also I added also on Whatsapp.

The next day he answered me and asked me whether we had ever exported our inverter products to Colombia ...

I replied to him and also sent some customers feedback pictures of our solar power system projects. But he didn’t answer so I sent him the document of the dual output inverter and he answered.


He said to me “that what I was looking for” are you able to provide the same for my request? I said yes.

The regulation in South America: 110v and 220v.

“Dear we know very well this Market”

inverter for Colombia


So from this day we started to communicate almost every day and Thursday he still insist on whether or not it will be dual output so I asked for help to Lily who sent me an image and explanations that are:

110v is for normal load like TV, light, fan and 220v is for air conditioner.

When he got all this info he paid without hesization.


If you also need dual output design off grid inverter and solar power system, please feel free to contact us.

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