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Tanfon solar wind hybrid system can be installed in cold zone

0 admin 2019-03-21 09:46:26

Location: Russia
Capacity: 5kw off grid solar wind hybrid system
Usage: Home


Can Russia install wind turbines and solar panels? I believe that many people remain skeptical. After all, Russia is located in the cold zone, and the snowy weather accounts for 3/4 of the year. Even install wind turbines or solar panels also cannot generate electricity. Because thick snow covers solar panels and wind turbine, will cause it can't generate electricity.

But the reality is that Russia can not only use solar panels, but also use wind turbines to generate electricity for household use.

This customer is from Russia, he has purchased our solar system for test. After years of use, it is still very good, so in 2018 they once again purchased a 5kw solar wind hybrid system.

They are all engineers, they use 500w wind turbine + 2kw solar panel connection together. It is now installed, and the customer feedback the system works well.

If you want to know more solar wind hybrid system, welcome to contact with us.

5kw solar wind hybrid system configuration detail
Intem Component Description Quantity
1 Solar panel 280w mono 16pcs
2 PV combiner box H8T/48V 1piece
3 Controller 5kw 1piece
4 Inverter 5kw/48v pure sine wave inverter 1piece
5 Battery 200ah gel battery 8pcs
6 Wind turbine 500W 1piece
7 Cable tower 3m guy cable tower 1piece
8 Cable 100M PV Cable 1set


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