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Green and renewable energy solar panel system

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Green and renewable energy solar panel system

With the background of serious pollution and energy crisis today, the solar energy as a novel green and renewable energy, which is abundant, economic and non-pollution, attracts lots of attentions, and the application of the solar thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy technology has been the focus which people attend to.The survey, development and application foreground of solar thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy technology are given and the study of solar hybrid generator system are presented.

And the significance of solar power has been presented too.The work principle of solar panels has been introduced and the related theory and method were also descripted in detail.In addition the solar power device with regulating function has been designed which based on the above theories.

solar power plant

The effect about solar system in Financial

  1. Generate revenue: ROI up to 6-8% possible
  2. Lower your overheads with lower electricty bills
  3. Reduce your exposure to rising electricty costs
  4. Self generated electricty is inflation proof
  5. Increase the value of premises and yield from rent

The effect about solar system in Environmental

  1. Meet your carbon goals and CSR targets
  2. Visibly demonstrate environmental commitment
  3. Visibly show historic and real time carbon savings
  4. Meet planning and building regulation targets

The solar panels system are widely used in various fields of society such as: Satellite, solar cars, Solar house, Aerospace, Photovoltaic power plant.

solar panel system

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