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EU and UK invest €8.8m to support construction of 11 mini-grids in Lesotho

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South African-owned mining company Zimbabwe Platinum has confirmed plans to invest $201 million to build 185 megawatts of solar power capacity at two of its sites, followed by French-language African business website Ecofin.

Ecofin's article published in August said the miner would commit $200 million to two solar facilities: a 105-megawatt array in Ngezi, southwest of Zimbabwe's capital Harare, for mining operations; The 80 MW facility at the Zimplats foundry in Luce.

Ecofin reports that the miner currently draws electricity from the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric power station in Mozambique due to unreliable local power supply. Harare signed a solar investment agreement as part of the Zimbabwean government's $1.4 billion commitment to expand its Zimbabwean operations, according to Ecofin.

A stock exchange update from the miner said the Zimplats board has approved a $1.2 billion plan, including $1.8 billion for a ten-year spending plan starting this year, and $516 million to fund through upgrades and mine replacements. Sustaining existing output; $969 million to expand operations, including new mines; and $100 million to refurbish mothballed base metals refinery.

The Africa Solar Industry Association, a trade body, said in July that Zimplats planned to install 200 megawatts of solar capacity at its Mimosa platinum mine in Bannockburn, Zimbabwe, but the company's 10-year investment plan The facility is not mentioned.

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