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What to pay attention to when buying a solar system in China

0 admin 2024-02-26 14:37:48

A customer in South Africa has a 15kw home solar system. After comparing other suppliers in the same industry, he still chose to cooperate with us despite our high price. What made the customer choose Tanfon Solar?

First of all, during the initial supplier selection process, the customer conducted an in-depth understanding and comparison of solar systems from multiple suppliers.

Lower price
However, through comparison, it was found that it was due to different configurations. According to the customer's power consumption, if a system with a low-end configuration is used, the battery will inevitably decay quickly and the service life will be shortened.

2)Steal Tanfon Case pictures
A person who dares to steal even case pictures, can you trust his quality?

3)When communicating with customers, the products on their quotations are inconsistent with the actual goods. Nowadays, many suppliers hope to win orders based on price, but the goods they provide do not match the promises.
As for Tanfon, it has been proved by facts that it will definitely provide standard product quality for government projects. We actually provide you with installation services, after-sales services, maintenance guidance services, etc.

In term of price, customers can always find cheaper prices. In the solar market, Tanfon will not engage in vicious price competition with other suppliers. Only the end users will be harmed in the end, because price reduction means a reduction in system configuration and a change in the quality of raw materials .For our presidential project, we were given an order of 6.48MWH after the government department passed sample testing for one year, which proves our high quality and high standards.

In terms of service, Tanfon after-sales service team is always customer-centered, providing timely and professional services whether you have a home solar system or an industrial and commercial solar system. There are professional installation manuals, and professional engineers guide online installation in English. Whether it is installation, commissioning or maintenance, we are able to respond quickly and solve customer problems.

Thank you to the customer for choosing to cooperate with TANFON even though the price is higher than other suppliers. Regardless of whether you cooperate with us or not, I also hope that you can choose your suitable solar system and supplier in multiple dimensions. Because buying a solar system is not just an ordinary commodity, it is really related to the use effect in the next 25 years.


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