Uganda 5kw Solar Panel System for Solutions


Power: 5kw solar panel system

Location: Uganda

Use: school use

This system is a feedback from customers from Uganda. This system is to provide a 12 -hour power supply for local school computer classrooms. Uganda's electricity is unstable, so we recommend the off grid sysyem use of battery storage power to the classroom. The customer's requirements are good quality and long service life. Because it is installed in the school's system, the safety factor is very important.

For customers' concerns, we introduced him in detail the operating principles of our company's products and the materials used in production, and told him that our product is a German 5S technology. All use flame retardant materials can be guaranteed during use. Our controller is MPPT controller, which can monitor and track the voltage of solar panels in real time. Internal parts are also provided by Fuji Group in Japan. For solar panels, our solar panels are single -crystal silicon solar panels using American PERC technology, with a power generation of 99%. The solar plates are all new solar panels, which can effectively prevent the heat spots. Even if a solar board fails during use, it will not affect the normal operation of other solar panels.


After understanding this series of our products, the customer expressed his trust in our Tanfon. He said that our products are undoubtedly a very high -quality product. Cooperation to open a new energy market in Uganda. Now Tanfon's 5KW solar energy system is far away from Uganda, bringing stable and efficient power to the children there, allowing them to connect to the outside world through the computer. This is also what Tanfon has been working hard to bring new lifestyle to people all over the world and no longer worry about electricity.

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