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Tanfon 10kw solar system with batteries project in The Commonwealth of Dominica

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Project: Off-grid 10kw solar system with batteries
Location: The Commonwealth of Dominica
Customer target: To have stable electricity for the house and pay less to the public electricity company, also start the study of the solar system and later he can sell in their market


There was a super hurricane attacked local which caused a lot of casualties in 2017, which also caused the whole nation has no power for a few days. This makes our client want to start the business with off-grid, energy systems.

10kw solar system with batteries

Dominica has a tropical maritime climate with an average annual temperature of 26-29 degrees Celsius, which is suitable to develop the solar systems. 
The off-grid solar system can work independently, with batteries to store the electricity to be used when city power stop. This is exactly what our client was looking for. So first, we have a very nice talk. Because we can understand each other. What he wants we can offer.
Knowing about the power information, monthly consumption, we suggest the 10kw solar system with batteries to him.
And he agreed also.

10kw solar system with batteries

After the installation, he sent us the pictures and happy to tell us, that the system saves a lot of money and time in the electricity ( because before he needs the generator when the city power stop sometimes). One more good news, he starts to have some visitors, they are coming for the solar systems, and he has confidence in the business in this market. We will support him in his market absolutely.

10kw solar system with batteries

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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