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Dubai customers come to the factory to discuss cooperation on 5 sets wind power system projects.(Click to view details)

In October 2019, our engineers went to Dubai to install 5 sets of wind power system.

Wind Power System
How to install wind power system?  please following  steps:

1. 15 days before our engineers left for Dubai, the local technicians laid the foundation, adjusted the balance and then put the concrete.

Wind Power System

2. Connecting three parts of free stand tower

 Wind Power System

3. Tightening 24 M20 screws. connecting the cable with the brake cable

Wind Power System

4. Installing motor

Wind Power System

5. Installing tail

Wind Power System

6. Install the blades. Pay attention to the direction of the blades during installation.

Wind Power System

7. Installing the shroud

Wind Power System

8. Lifting the motor with a crane, put it into the base and lock it.

Wind Power System

9. Connecting battery

Wind Power System

10. Connecting the controller

Wind Power System

11. Connecting the dump load box

Wind Power System

12. Connecting the inverter

Wind Power System
Refer to our professional manual for installation details


Installation tools include:

30kw wind power system installation tools:

Serial Number Name Model Quantity
1 Crane 25 tons 1
2 Installation workers 4
3 Adjustable wrench Opening 65 2
4 Firm Wrench 32 2
5 26
6 20 1
7 19
8 18
9 17
10 16
11 14
12 13
13 12
14 10
15 Screwdriver Cross  +
16 --
17 Pliers 8 inches 1
18 Tape rolls 2
19 Hammer 6LB 1
20 Multimeter DT830B 1


30kw wind power system parameter:

1pc    FD30000W wind generator
1pc    WS30000W wind controller
1pc    TF30000W IGBT inverter
60pcs  200ah Gel battery
1set   15m guy cable tower
1set    battery cable

30kw wind power system

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