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10kw Home solar systems in Nigeria—visit and place order in factory

0 admin 2020-04-13 17:42:26

Solar output Power: 10KW

Location: Nigeria

Application:house use


After the off grid 10000 Watts solar kit was installed, Herry was happy to send us pictures and videos.

Herry has lived in China for a long time and he has been doing business between China and Nigeria. In 2019, Herry helped his friend find solar power systems for powering home loads. He came to our factory twice and discussed the system design for the first time. We designed a 10KW inverter + 5.76KW solar panel system according to the situation of the household load. Not only can meet the electricity requirements, but also meet the customer's budget requirements.


Herry took the design and quotation and went back to discuss it with his friend. The second time he came, he brought a deposit.

He has always emphasized to us that you must give me good quality. I am looking for it for a friend and cannot let him down.

We emphasized with him that the quality of our materials and production technology are the same as those we provide to government projects, and he can safely introduce them to customers.


Herry recorded a video to us and keep praising that our 10KW solar system is very good. He also tested the condition of our solar system working on the lights in the entire house, which is particularly good.


We have been committed to bringing cost-effective home solar power generation systems to customers. If you or your friends need this, please contact us.


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