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Tanfon off-grid 8KW solar system in Vietnam

0 admin 2019-05-16 14:18:50

Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Capacity: Off-grid 8KW solar system
Usage: Villa
Advantage of the system: Full power, with 8KW IGBT inverter, strong quality to working loads

In Vietnam, the electricity consumption is going to be higher and higher, because the electricity company rise the price for each kwh, so that people are looking for solar system to reduce the cost they pay for the electricity.

We have one friend in Vietnam, she told us that there are 4 people in her house, and they all work outside, only after work they cook the dinner, and will stay at home after dinner, even that, they pay more than USD100 per month.

8KW solar system

This is the 8KW solar system for the villa near to Halong Bay. This client has a big house, and the monthly consumption is high, their living room, dining room, bed room all have air conditioner, and also the cooking machines. They have also the home use elevator.

The system working all the loads in their first floor, mainly for the living room, and the dining room. "So far, the system working well and save about 50% cost in one month for my electricity bill", said the house owner when we came to visit.

8KW solar system

"I am going to use another system that can work our elevator, and also one of my friend,she also want a solar power system for her house, we want to work with you again", said the house owner.

When client feel satisfied with our products, they will introduce us to their neighbors and friends. This gives us confidence and determination to be better and better.

8KW solar system

If you want to know more about the off grid 8KW solar system, welcome to contact with us.

Choose Tanfon, Choose satification.

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