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Australian customers recommend the Tanfon solar system

0 Foshan Tanfon 2019-07-26 09:56:22

Project: Off-grid 3kw solar panel system
Location: Australia


3kw solar panel system

In 2018, a customer from Australia(Mr. John) came to seek our help, saying that he lives in a very remote place in Australia, and even the cell phone signal is not, so not to mention the instability of the power supply. So he decided to buy a solar system. According to the customer's power consumption, we have equipped him with a off-grid 5KW home solar system.

3kw solar panel system

This year, his neighbors also want to buy a solar system, because Mr. John used our solar system to feel very good quality,  so he recommended his neighbors also use Tanfon's solar system. This time he helped neighbors buy a 3kw solar panel system from us.

3kw solar panel system

We have configured the following 3kw solar panel system according to Mr. John’s neighbor requirements: 16 batteries, as well as monocrystalline solar panels.

Now the 3kw solar panel system has crossed the ocean and came to Mr. John's home. During the installation process, because he had installed the solar system before so he had some experience installing solar systems. Based on his installation experience and the installation video we sent him, he quickly installed the off-grid 3kw solar panel system. During the installation, the kangaroo was also very naughty to watch the solar system.

3kw solar panel system

The customer has now installed finish and the customer who is entering the testing phase is very happy and sent us pictures. 

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