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Tanfon 15KW hospital solar panels project in Somalia

0 admin 2019-09-03 11:31:46

Here we want to share with you our engineer Terry adventures in Somalia last week.

hospital solar panels

This 15KW hospital solar panels project is in a remote area, with no city power, no diesel generator. Terry wanted to buy a screwdriver in the local market, It took him one hour by car to get to the local market, armed by 2 bodyguards with guns.

hospital solar panels


Tanfon 15KW hospital solar panels project


Why they set up a 15000 watt solar system​ project  in such a dangerous and remote area?

The project manager name Mango told Terry that when he was a little boy, his friend gets bitten by a poisonous snake, his friend lost heartbeat within an hour because of no hospital there. He wanted to do something from that time.

hospital solar panels


After 20years hardworking, he is able to build a private hospital and use our off-grid solar panel system to supply stable power for his hospital.

We should thank the sun that gives us a chance to supply a good quality solar panel system which stands time.


Tanfon 15KW hospital solar panels project in Somalia

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