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Solar Project Survey for Private Guesthouse in Warri

0 admin 2024-06-20 14:55:19

This is a private guesthouse consisting of three buildings in Warri.


Solar Project Survey for Private Guesthouse in Warri

There are a total of 37 air conditioners, including 8 units of 2HP and 22 units of 1.5HP.
There are 30 water heaters with a power rating of 1KW.
The rooftop installation area is 310m2, made of aluminum, and the location is at latitude 5 degrees north.
The distance from the solar panels to the main control room is approximately 40 meters.
There is a 150KVA diesel generator on-site.
Based on electricity consumption and discussions with the client, we recommend the purchase of a 100KW solar system.
If you also require a solar system survey, you can have an engineer join us on-site for a video call. This will enable us to accurately assess your data and design a solar power system that suits your needs.

Feel free to reach out for further inquiries.

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