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10kw on grid solar power system to Guatemala


Nowadays, in order to alleviate the pressure on domestic power supply companies, more and more South America countries encourage people to install solar power system. Especially the on grid solar power system. This policy is well accepted by local people, because the local electricity really cost high.

off grid solar power system

Mr.Michael contacted with with us in alibaba asking for 10kw wind turbine system. Why he asked for wind turbine system but bought the on grid solar power system? Because our communication help to find the suitable system for him, it is solar system.

Although wind energy is abundant in the place where he lives, but the wind speed cannot fully support the 10kw wind turbine to work well. After our communication, he changed his mind- to buy the on grid solar power system.

At first we talked about off grid solar system, because he has already installed one off grid solar power system for their office. He shared the picture, which is professional.

off grid solar power system

When we talked about the difference between on grid solar power system and off grid solar power system. ( ON grid solar power systemwithout battery, connect to city power, requires a stable city power, the solar system connect in , and day time generate the electricity to work loads, the rest send to the city grid ( if the city power company or government allow ), night time use the city power to work. 

on grid solar system

OFF grid solar power system, work with battery, popular for where there city power unstable, or where there are not allowed to connect the solar system to city grid.)

off grid solar power system

He was interested in the on grid solar power system. After his study, they can install the on grid solar power system in local. So he decided to buy 3sets of 10kw home use on grid solar power system.

There was one thing our friends you will not know, before the purchase, Mr. Michael contacted with our client in El Salvador to ask about the solar system work, our clients in El Salvador purchased one set 5kw off grid solar power system and one set 15kw off grid solar power system few years before. After that call, Mr.Michael bought the system without any hesitation.

We always believe that when we do the product well, the product will speak for themselves.

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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