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why Marsabit city governnment office buy solar panel system from tanfon

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-11-08 21:33:53

why Marsabit city government office buy solar system from tanfon

solar panel system discuss

Nov 8 ,2018 Marsabit city government in kenya country visit our factory ,they have discuss more about there local electricity problem .

solar panel system project office

This city is 500km far from Nairobi,and near have three solar portable panel system project and solar street light projects .

portable solar panel system

For first order ,they need to buy 120pcs 275w poly panel and 100pcs 500w portable system,in this week they also visit to many solar panel factory,when they see our kenya resort solar panel system,wind solar hybrid system feedback ,Kotda 80kw solar panel system for goverment new building ; 200kw solar panel system for Dinai hotel project ;they have build the order and pay cash deposit in our office .

solar panel system deposit

Also have compare the cheaper panel,inverter products ,In every industry, there is vicious competition. On the surface, everything is the same, but the internals are very different, so why are prices so different?

It depends on whether you want to do business with bright, sincere people, or you are embarrassed, dark people do business!

Thanks so much for government office trust TANFON ,we will do our best ,let our main market kenya more and more people can use cheaper and stable electricity ,Get rid of the troubles of diesel generators

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