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how does 5kw residential solar energy work

Solar energy for home power: 5kw

Located: Mauritius

Residential solar system used for house

5kw residential solar energy for home

Mauritius is a very beautiful country in my mind, many Chinese people travel to there.

The average summer temperature is 27℃ and the highest temperature in January is 23 to 30℃. The average temperature in winter is 18℃, and the lowest temperature in June to August is 17-24℃. With good sun light. Mauritius is really good for the solar energy system generation. And more and more Mauritius people use solar energy for home.

residential solar

Mr. Olsen is very gentlement. He contacted with us via Made-in-China website, asked for 5kw 48vdc residential solar system for his house use. I think he already has the knowledge about the residential solar system, no more than one week, we confirmed the order.

5kw residential solar system is our most hot sale system, also it is very suitable for house use.

solar energy for home

96v dc input to 110v or 220v ac output 5kw system solar energy for home diagram

The production and shipping went very well. On 9th August, Mr. Olsen got his 5kw residential solar system and did the insatllation also share the pictures with me. And he told me: the 5kw solar energy for home system is working well.

Later, he gave the 5kw residential solar system feedback on alibaba to us, we are very appreciated!

solar energy for home residential solar inverter system

We have sold lots of sets solar energy for home use system to more than one hundred. We always believe that our customers will influence us, when we communicate with them, we will feel their charm, and this influence us to improve ourselves, and our work, this is very good for us. Mr. Olsen taught us to make things more complete and perfect.

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