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The Ethiopian Power Corporation (EEU) has issued a tender invitation to seek to deploy solar microgrids in 25 villages. In the first three months, each village will have a solar power plant, backup diesel generators, and battery energy storage, as well as provide operation and maintenance services.

Rural microgrid

Since this summer, Ethiopia has been studying ways to calculate electricity prices for small grids. The tender for the solar microgrid reflects the country's efforts to stimulate the development of the microgrid and strengthen power supply in rural areas. Dufera, a senior adviser to the Ethiopian Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Energy, said investors can apply any tariff schemes set by the government to their own projects.

These rural microgrid projects will be developed based on Ethiopia's electrification project, which was launched in March 2018 and is supported by a World Bank loan of $ 375 million. The level of poverty in the region is unimaginable. According to the World Bank, the country still ranks second in energy supply gaps in sub-Saharan Africa, second only to Nigeria, and third in the world. 70% of the population still live Living in the dark, only 24% of primary schools and 30% of health centers in the country have access to electricity.

Increase power supply

The country's first five years of electrification are expected to require $1.5 billion in investment. Through this project implemented by the Ethiopian Ministry of Energy and the European Economic Union, the World Bank hopes to supply power to all Ethiopians by 2025.

The country's energy demand is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 10%, and its population is about 110 million, while Ethiopia's current power generation capacity is only about 4.5GW, most of which is hydropower. In this case, the government plans to achieve more More large-scale hydropower and renewable energy projects to achieve an almost impossible goal, that is, 17.3GW of power generation capacity by next year.

At present, Ethiopia is supporting large-scale solar power generation by holding two rounds of solar power projects, with a view to obtaining 750MW of photovoltaic power generation capacity.

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