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Two Containers On grid solar system and off grid solar system to Vietnam

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-11-30 15:14:06

Two Containers On grid solar system and off grid solar system to Vietnam


"Give me a fulcrum, I can pick up the whole earth"-- Said scientist Archimedes. We want to say: give me a trial order, we can convince you to buy more. This is the true portrayal between Tanfon and our client from Vietnam.

off grid solar system

Last Saturday ( 24th Nov, 2018) , our client sent some pictures of their solar system installation.

They purchased 3kw off grid solar systems, 5kw off grid solar systems, 8kw off grid solar systems, 3phase 10kw off grid solar systems, 3kw on grid solar systems, 5kw on grid solar system, 7.5kw on grid solar systems and 10kw on grid solar systems.

Complete production of all goods within 20 days,  because client need goods urgently, once finished production, delivery the goods to client on the next day. All these products of on grid solar system and off grid solar system use two containers loading, one 40' container and one 20' container.

on grid solar system


The solar products business is hotter and hotter in Vietnam, so our client set up a new company to do solar business.

Before this big order, they tested our 500w off grid solar system.

Then they came to our factory for the products learning for 3days, we are very appreciated for their work. There were two whole days we were learning in our workshop with engineers.

off grid solar system

After that, we started the Market analysis. According to our sales data, for house use, we sold from 3kw 5kw and 10kw on grid solar systems and off grid solar system more. So we suggested these powers. Also did the learning of the home loads. After they back to Vietnam, they also did a lot of work to analyse the market, same as our data.

Now, this company has become our important strategic partner in Vietnam. We are confident that we will grow together in the Vietnamese market. At the same time, we will bring more good price and high quality products to people in Vietnam.

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