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150KW solar systems for water production plant in Abuja Nigeria

0 admin 2023-10-13 14:29:03

The 150KW automatic water production plant  line in Abuja, Nigeria requires a high-quality industrial and commercial solar system that works 8 hours a day. Tanfon engineers design the most appropriate solution according to customer requirements to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the system.

According to the customer's  requirements, Tanfon engineers designed the following configuration proposal: the load power is 100KW and the machine works 8 hours a day: To meet this demand, use 300 pieces 550W solar panels . The inverter use the German industrial used inverter with a power of 150KW/384V. At the same time, in order to store electric energy for continuous use, a high-quality industrial and commercial lithium battery cabinet is used, with a voltage of 384V, a capacity of 600AH, and an energy storage capacity of 230kWh.

150KW solar systems in Abuja Nigeria
To ensure the normal operation of the system, Tanfon conducts continuous 72-hour overload and compatibility testing of lithium batteries and inverters before shipment. This series of tests ensures the reliability and stability of the system before shipment. At the same time, Tanfon's team and engineers also personally went to the customer’s installation site to conduct debugging and installation work.

Whether it is solar panels, inverters or lithium batteries, the industrial and commercial solar systems provided by Tanfon are all government engineering quality configurations. Each component is configured at full power to ensure high system performance and reliability. This system will provide reliable power support for the water production plant in Abuja Nigeria, while also contributing to environmental protection.

TANFON 150KW solar system in Nigeria
Through the high-quality industrial and commercial solar systems provided by Tanfon, the water production plant in Abuja Nigeria, can make full use of renewable energy and reduce its dependence on traditional electricity. Not only will this help reduce energy costs, it will also have a positive impact on the environment. Tanfon will continue to be committed to providing customers with reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly solar solutions and promoting the process of sustainable development.

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