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What can the solar energy industry bring to the earth and mankind?

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There used to be greater harmony between humans and natureWith the advent of the industrial revolution, human civilization has been unprecedentedly prosperousThe world is changing with each passing dayHowever, excessive consumption of fossil energy produces a lot of carbon emissionsAs a result, global temperature is rising and natural disasters occur frequentlyThe Paris agreement signed in 2015 has set a global temperature control target of two degrees CelsiusReplacing fossil energy with clean energy is recognized as the best way to curb confessionClean energy is mainly composed of Solar power generation, wind power generation and photovoltaic power generationAmong them, photovoltaic power generation is the most popularIt is predicted that the world will achieve 100% clean energy by 2050The proportion of photovoltaic power generation is as high as 69%.

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The reason why photovoltaic power generation can become the main energy in the future lies in the unlimited resources of photovoltaic power generation.
The solar energy in one year alone exceeds the total amount of all types of energy on earthAnd the sunlight is inexhaustibleIn addition, the global distribution of light resources is balancedWhere there is sunlight, photovoltaic power can be usedAnd only about 1% of the global photo ink area is needed for photovoltaic power generationThe electricity generated can be used by all mankindIt's beyond imagination.

In the past, photovoltaic power generation was only used in aerospace and other high-end fields. Nowadays, it has already entered the daily life of the common peopleWith the rapid iteration of photovoltaic technology, the cost of photovoltaic kilowatt hour has dropped by more than 90% in the past decadeA price of 1.7 cents has been achieved in areas with sufficient lightIn the future, the cost of photovoltaic power will continue to declineSee here, you must be thinking about how to solve the intermittent day and night photovoltaic power generation? In today's vigorous development of photovoltaic, there are many ways to easily ensure the sustainability of photovoltaic power generationFor example, in the day with sufficient sunlight, photovoltaic power station is used to generate electricity to ensure the power demand of the city. In cloudy days and at night, photovoltaic and energy storage can be used to generate electricity continuouslyThe pumped storage power station should be built in the place with poor terrain.In the daytime, photovoltaic power generation is used to extract water from low-level reservoirs to high-level reservoirs, and discharge water for power generation at night to realize continuous power supply

In addition, we can also take the electric vehicle which has become the mainstream of the daily line as the perfect energy storage carrierIn the daytime, photovoltaic power generation is used to charge electric vehicles for daily useAt night, under the condition of ensuring its own use of power, the full power is recycled to the power grid for social use. Eleven electric vehicles in the world can store 100 billion kwh of electricity a dayIt can fully meet the global demand for night electricity

In the near future, we can also use the energy Internet to balance the global power supply and demand and realize power sharingThe photovoltaic power generation in the daytime area will be supplied to the night areaAll parts of the world will not be powered off day and nightmoreover, Tanfon solar perfectly combines the sustainability of photovoltaic power generation with the industrial chain, and takes the lead in proposing the solar for solar production modePhotovoltaic power generation is used in the daytime to ensure the production of the plantAt night, power is supplied to the factory through a variety of energy processing methodsPhotovoltaic power is used to manufacture photovoltaic equipmentThis is the production model of TANFON solar for solar.
And the carbon emission of the whole production process is completely zeroAt the same time, through the solo for solo modeWe can develop the photovoltaic industry and create more greenWith the vigorous development of photovoltaic power generation, not only can effectively curb carbon emissions, but also can restore the earth's ecologyThe establishment of large-scale photovoltaic power station can not only provide sufficient power for the city, but also be used for seawater desalinationThe amount of desalinated seawater can reach hundreds of billion tons every year.

We can also vigorously develop agriculture and turn deserts into oasesWhen that happens, new, lush green vegetation will capture and absorb carbon dioxide from the solidified atmosphereTurn on the revisit modeThis mode of using photovoltaic power generation to repair the earth's ecology can be applied in many places around the world.
It is estimated that when 70% of the earth's deserts become oasesIt will absorb all the carbon emissions created in the history of human activities.
Make it real. With the melting of glaciers and floods caused by climate problems, forest fires will no longer exist, and haze and sandstorms will bid farewell to us completely.

Let's take action to rebuild the earth with new energy.

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