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Tanfon 2kw off grid solar system and 5kw on grid solar system in Cambodia

This company they are doing LED lights in Cambodia. After they did some projects, their clients ask them if they can sell solar system too, so they want to test the systems in their factory first. They searched on the internet. We contacted from 7th September, 2016 till now.

They contacted with many suppliers in China. As we all know there are many factories, so the prices are different too. They passed the lowest price and the highest price, finally leaved us and another supplier in Shanghai.

After the comparison of our two companies, this client was attracted more by our projects we have did, so she choose our factory, she brought one off grid solar system and one on grid solar system.

She sent us these pictures, and purchased another 10kw on grid solar system for their client at 20th December, 2016.


Because they have professional electricians about the electricity already, so they installed the system themselves, and all the connection looks very neat.

The solar systems still working well, and after that we start our friendly cooperation till now.

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