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Seven common electricians cause electric shock

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-10-06 11:35:42

Electricians usually have a certain degree of electrical safety knowledge, but because of more electrical contact with the average person, the number of electric motors will increase. There are several reasons for the electrician's electric shock.

1. Working by experience alone

Because electricians have been trained in electrical safety knowledge and skills, they tend to be numb and work alone. When operating or repairing electrical equipment, it is not strictly in accordance with the regulations, resulting in an accident. If a factory electrician removes the fan motor controlled by the contactor, press the stop button, and think that there is no electricity. If there is no experience, the electrician will be repaired. As a result, electric shock will occur. After the inspection, the contactor still has a phase contact sticking, resulting in One phase is charged.

2, illegal operation

Illegal work is often an important cause of electric shock. Actually, it is caused by the operator's own fault. Such as a gas station, dual-loop power supply, on the morning of July 8, 1999, the second line of the line outside the line was cut off, ready to replace the arrester. At 5:10 pm, the electrician Gao and Jiang were responsible for replacing the arrester on the second-stage intake rod of the blackout. Due to the large number of objects, when the guardian Jiang returned to the substation to take the lightning arrester, Gao was out of sight. A section of the incoming pole that was running at that time was shot down by 10kV high-voltage electricity into the paddy field, causing burns to the left arm and ankle. Careless, unverified, single-handed operation in the absence of the guardian, serious violation of the operating procedures, directly led to the accident. This case fully demonstrates the importance of adhering to the operating procedures.

3, the insulation is reduced or the fire line touches the shell

Old electrical equipment or its insulation is aging and damp. In large vibration places or equipment that often needs to be moved, electric leakage or fire wire is likely to occur. When these devices are touched without protection, an electric shock can result. More common is the electric shock accident that occurs on portable power tools. In addition, electrical equipment should be protected against zero or protective grounding, but in fact, some wiring is not standardized.

4, adverse environment

Wires, cables and electrical equipment installed in corrosive media such as conductive media and acids, alkalis, etc., and in harsh environments such as humidity and high temperature, the insulation is easily aged and damaged, and a layer of charged substances is attached to the outer layer of the device. Leakage. In addition, electric shocks are more likely to occur when servicing electrical equipment in narrow or dimly lit locations.

5. Lack of multi-faceted electrical knowledge

There are many and complicated electrical equipments, such as power distribution, relay protection, motor drive devices and food instruments, all of which have their structural characteristics and safety requirements. It is difficult for every electrician to be familiar with all aspects, especially for new workers.

6, electrical equipment maintenance is not good

Electrical equipment should be maintained frequently, especially in electrical equipment installed in harsh environments. If regular maintenance work is not done, it will easily cause insulation aging. Zero connection of equipment and poor maintenance of grounding system will cause zero line disconnection. Zero grounding failure; motor insulation or wiring damage will cause external charging; if the copper-aluminum transition joint is not maintained, it will cause accidents due to overheating of the joint; for damaged electrical equipment parts, such as the rubber cover and knife of the knife gate The arc-extinguishing cover of the switch, the plug of the fuse, the power cord of the mobile device, etc., if it is not replaced in time, it is easy to cause electric shock; the wire joint is wrapped with insulating tape, and the adhesive will be lost for a long time, so that the joint is exposed, after accidental contact It will cause electric shock.

7, other unsafe factors

When the workshop is equipped with lights or other loads, sometimes the electrician borrows the neutral line on other equipment for the convenience of the map. When the equipment is overhauled, although the switch has been opened, there will still be electric shocks on the equipment and cause electric shock. If the temporary line is laid for production or maintenance, some electricians think that it is temporary electricity, and it is used casually. The wire is used for coping, and the wire is not strictly in accordance with the requirements. These hidden dangers are the cause of electric shock.

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