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One of our Gabon clients tell you Why choose TANFON solar pv system?

0 Foshan Tanfon 2018-11-07 15:12:03

One of our Gabon clients tell you Why choose TANFON solar pv system?


Gabon same as other Africa countries, the electricity is unstable and electricity bill is high, they all want to find another way to get electrictiy, so have more and more Gabon people want to buy solar power for home, and find Chinese solar pv system manufactrer to buy, want to use solar to produce electricity for their house appliances use. But in solar pv system energy area, more and more fake products appear. Then how to know which products or companies are fake?

solar pv system

Some customer will come to China to visit the factory by himself, check the product and company, you will see the below picture, this customer is from Gabon as well, he bought fake solar pv system product online, just that company gave him cheap price, now he regret and want to find new solar power for home products’ supplier. He also know our company online in Alibaba platform, he choose to contact with us becuase we are the Gold Plus Supplier and Top 10 supplier for solar pv system & inverter in Alibaba with total USD157,8476.37 trade assurance amount of money which insure the safety of clients’ payment.

solar pv system supplier

This is the data of our company in Alibaba. 

solar pv system

And late he visit ours factory, believe us and bought solar pv system 2sets 5kw solar power for home.

solar pv system solar pv system

After using our solar power for home solar pv system, until this year, our this customer also recommend his friend to buy our solar pv system product. His friend name is Daniel, he asked 1kw solar power for home and asked for delivery on 22th June. But the production time just have 3 days, we told him, we need to ensure the quality, cannot delivery on 22th June. After communicating and negotiating, he was willing to consult with his freight forwarding company and wait for our solar pv system to be produced and then transported.

solar power for home

Why urgent need the goods customer still wait our production time? --- Quality

We do hope can get way to cooperate with you based on WIN-WIN cooperation.

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After comparing the price and quality the Panamanian client chose Tanfon

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