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South Africa customer purchase Tanfon off grid solar panel system for farm use

0 admin 2019-04-20 09:45:44

Our customer John from South Africa, he was interested in our off grid solar panel system and contacted our colleague Amy through our official website on April 12, 2019. After two days of communication with Amy, John and his friend decided to come to our company to discuss his project. Therefore, he booked the flight to Guangzhou on 15th.

off grid solar panel system

Then Amy booked the hotel for John immediately and made a schedule for him in the following week. After 28 hours flight, John arrived in Guangzhou. Then we pick them up at airport and back to our company. After communicated with John, we know that the electricity was very bad in South Africa and it always happen the power cut in John’s farm. There was why John could hardly wait to meet us before he found our company in grid solar panel system

off grid solar panel system

After a few day communication with Amy in our company, John decided to buy the 10kw off grid solar panel system and would recommended his friends in South Africa to buy our products. John said” I am an honest people, so is Tanfon. I believe Tanfon so I just come for Tanfon from South Africa. It’s a win-win project.” 

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