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How to calculate the area required for a solar power system

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Q: How much area is needed for the installation of solar energy system?


When purchasing a solar system, many customers have a question: How much area do I need to reserve to install my solar system?

After reading this article, you will have a deep understanding of this.

There are two situations for the placement area of solar panels:

1. Solar panels are installed on the roof

The installation area of one piece solar panel is estimated to be 2.1-2.2㎡. (The gap space between the solar panel and the solar panel is reserved.)

The solar panel installation area calculation method of the whole system: the number of solar panels x 2.1/2.2㎡.

2. Solar panels are installed on the ground

The installation area of a solar panel on the ground needs to be calculated as 2.5 ㎡.

(Because the solar panels are installed at a certain angle, in order to prevent the front solar panels from blocking the rear solar panels and cause the hot spot effect. Therefore, the calculated area of a single solar panel is 2.5㎡)

The calculation method of the solar panel installation area of the entire system: the number of solar panels × 2.5 ㎡.


The inverter, controller and battery are recommended to be placed in a ventilated and dry room. (It is recommended to place it in a room close to the solar panel to reduce line loss)

For example: 

5KW home solar system: uses 16pcs 350W solar panels and 8pcs 12v200ah batteries.


  1. Solar panel installed on the roof: 16pcs x 2.2㎡=35.2㎡, which is 36㎡
  2. Solar panel installed on the ground: 16pcs x 2.5㎡=40㎡, which is 40㎡

The inverter and battery need to be placed in a room of about 5-10m³


If you still have questions about this, please contact us and we will calculate it for you.

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